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Mark Feingold

Reward Sciences
Harrogate, United Kingdom
Exploring blockchain for use within the Loyalty and Rewards Environment. We are interested in private blockchain and looking for high-speed, low-cost blockchain transaction platforms.
Tuesday, June 26

9:10am BST

9:15am BST

9:45am BST

10:15am BST

10:40am BST

11:05am BST

11:25am BST

11:55am BST

12:20pm BST

12:45pm BST

2:10pm BST

2:35pm BST

3:00pm BST

3:45pm BST

Wednesday, June 27

9:30am BST

9:50am BST

10:15am BST

10:25am BST

11:55am BST

12:20pm BST

12:45pm BST

2:00pm BST

3:05pm BST

3:55pm BST

4:25pm BST